2nd single "Northern Hymn" out January 12


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3rd album "eclogue" out November 26


There are moments when the magic of the piano touches your heart, and the music created by arabesque Choche instantly transforms your everyday life into something beautiful, peaceful, and irreplaceable. His third album, "eclogue," is a piece of work in which this magic shines even brighter.

For this work, away from his conventional music production method, which was based on programming, for the first time he used a real upright piano and worked energetically on recording, mic'ing, and adjusting the felt inside the piano, and thoroughly focused on the "live sound" derived from it. Furthermore, the subtle nuances of the sounds and the realistic feel of the performances brought an unprecedentedly organic sound image to the entire album, and created a masterpiece like a piece of film music that captures the beauty of everyday life. And at the same time, this album is a sound creation that fully demonstrates arabesque's background as a classical pianist. The challenge for the best piano sound creation and expression ever in his career, by recording his very original piano music in live sound, was a much-desired experiment for him that significantly changed the foundation of his music production.

As the album title "eclogue" suggests, this album is composed of 15 beautiful compositions that evoke landscapes of quiet countryside and nature, all of which blend and harmonize with people's daily lives and routines. One distinctive feature of the album is the title track, "eclogue," and the four tracks labeled "Sketch," which were created for it. All of these pieces begin and develop with their own unique melodies composed in the 10th intervals, but these simple intervals create a pastoral atmosphere, and through these pieces, you will be able to feel the beauty of nature in its quietness.

It reminds us that our daily life is full of peace and happiness, and is filled with sounds that accompany and breathe with our daily life. The "eclogue" will be an invitation to such a serene world of music.

ピアノの魔法が心に響く瞬間がある。arabesque Chocheによって紡ぎだされる音楽は、聴くものの日常を一瞬にして、美しく、穏やかで、かけがえのないものへと変える。そして彼の3枚目となるアルバム「eclogue」は、その魔法が一段と輝く作品となった。


「eclogue」、そのアルバムタイトルが示すように、今作は静かな田園や自然の風景を思い浮かべさせる15の美しい曲で構成され、それら全てが人々の日々の暮らしや日常に溶け込み調和する。 このアルバムの一つの特徴として、表題曲「eclogue」と、それを作る上で生まれた4つの「Sketch」と呼ばれる曲がある。これらの曲は全て、10度音程で構成された独自のメロディで始まり、展開していくが、その素朴な音程が牧歌的な雰囲気を生み出し、これらの楽曲を通じて、静かな自然の美しさに触れることができるだろう。

今ある日常が、穏やかで幸せに満ちているという事に気づかせてくれる、そしてその日常に寄り添い、日常と共に呼吸するような音に満ちている。 「eclogue」は、そんな静謐な音楽の世界への招待状となるだろう。

2nd album "Twilight Resonance" out April 15


This is the second album released from the solo project "Arabesque Choche" by the composer of Chouchou, known as a distinguished electronica artist. This is a sublime piano album consisting of 13 tracks that are lyrically composed while still having the airy crystal-clear atmosphere like the previous album. There are seven gentle and warm songs. In between them, there are six other songs named "Resonance" that are colored in six different colors to link all the pieces together. Under the title of "Twilight Resonance," the piano, a single instrument, reflects the most beautiful twilight at dawn and dusk, which no one has ever seen before.

エレクトロニカの名手として知られるChouchouのコンポーザーがソロ名義「Arabesque Choche」からリリースしたセカンドアルバム。前作からの透き通った空気感は引き継がれ、より抒情的に仕上げられた全13曲からなる至極のピアノアルバム。穏やかに、暖かに奏でられた7つの曲。そして間を紡ぐように6色に彩られ「共鳴」と名付けられた6つの曲たち。『Twilight Resonance』というタイトルの下、ピアノというたった一つの楽器が、明け方や夕暮れに訪れるまだ誰も見たことのない美しい黄昏時を映し出す。

Arabesque Choche 1st album "Coe" out July 8


Arabesque, a composer of Chouchou well known as a Japanese electric music group. Now he starts a new career under the name of "Arabesque Choche" as a "composer". He carefully made the music from the gentle silence for this first album "Coe". You'll see the perfect transparent world.

エレクトロニカの名手として知られるChouchouのコンポーザーArabesque。彼が新たに『作曲家』として、Arabesque Choche名義でのリリースを開始。その第一弾となるアルバム「Coe」は、柔らかな静けさの中にある音を大切に紡いだ作品。 そこにあるのは完璧なまでの透明な世界。

Arabesque Choche 1st single "Elm" out June 10


Arabesque, a composer of Chouchou well known as a Japanese electric music group. Now he starts a new career under the name of "Arabesque Choche" as a "composer". "Elm", a single released in advance from the first album "Coe", is a small piano piece filled with gentle tranquility.

エレクトロニカの名手として知られるChouchouのコンポーザーArabesqueが新たに『作曲家』として、Arabesque Choche名義でのリリースを開始する。 その第一弾となるアルバム「Coe」より先行シングルとしてリリースされた「Elm」は、優しい静けさに満ちた小ピアノ作品。